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Alright, this is kinda composed on the fly, but it's been something I've had on my chest for a very long time now, so I figured I'd chime in.

The last couple of months I've noticed people dropping in every once in a while, and it's been inspiring me to come back to try this out again. I will regrettably admit that I've had my share of mistakes throughout this whole process. Younger me did not realize just how much experience I was actually lacking in order to be able to pull off a project like this. The site died for really a few main reasons: lack of staff support, poor community management on my end, and a couple of technical issues.

If I'm going to try this one more time, I want to do it properly. Send me a message on Skype (cosmovibe) or by email ( if you want to help out, and give me an idea of what you're able to do. Hell, send me a resume. I want to make sure I have a full committed team (and also an idea of how large of a team) before starting up.

I Can't... Can't Believe KBO...

It's still here. This is a tremendous blast from the past for me. I just happened across it. I haven't been on here in years... I thought the domain closed down. I thought we lost the site. I don't understand how it is still here. All my friends, everyone whom supported this site, if you still visit, know that my level of nostalgia is monolithic and my love for all my old friends(and enemies) of this community knows no bounds. I will visit this site often to see if I can reconnect with you all. I am trying to be active on FFR again as well. Please, hit me up. I would love to hear from everyone again!

Long live the brothers and sisters of the keymashing community that we all hold dear!

P.S. - E-mail me if you feel so inclined! I miss.. everyone....

New Programmer

The name of our new programmer is no doubt familiar to the veterans of the community. We welcome Yesssss to the KBO staff!

As I promised, I have decided to grab a couple of the charts planned for beta release and threw them into the public early, in celebration of our new staff. Hopefully, KBO will be back in business in no time!

Released charts:
[4k] Blue Rose - My chart on FFR, revisited and improved. Difficulty: 39
[6k] On to Grasstown - Cave Story original, charted by me. Difficulty: 37
[4k] That is Fair - Yet another revisit of the FFR chart, a collaboration between hi19hi19 and me. Difficulty: 30
[6k] Toybox Symphony - A featured track on, chart by me. Difficulty: 24
[6k] Video Out A - Fantastically stylish chart by 0 and zolaric. Brace yourselves, difficulty barely clocks at forty. Difficulty: 40

Looking for a programmer to take over

bLast is unable to dedicate enough time to the project from now on, so we're going to need a new programmer to fill in for him and take over.

We are looking for a programmer who is fluent with AS3 and object-oriented programming. There aren't any hard deadlines, but there should be significant progress over time.

Anyone who is interested or has questions can reply here or email me at

So... what's up?

3.5 months since the last front page update. How's everyone? Well the few of you left still utilizing the site anyhow. Since I haven't been given any information on the current status of site improvements, my only hopes are that summer will bring renewed vigor to the project. I imagine everyone is still dealing with school, namely blast and sprite but to that end, I don't know. I'd definitely like to hear back from the admins on this thread of their current positions and how things are going. Haven't talked to you guys in eons lol.

In other news...


In case you guys are wondering why there has been quite literally zero activity the past few months and why I broke my promise about getting stuff done, it's because our sole programmer has been trying to get his real life priorities straightened out first.

I don't think many people at the moment even care for the current status of the website and project, but I do want to at least say something.

However, I have been continuously focusing my efforts here, doing anything from optimizing game mechanics and designing new features, to making more charts and music for the game.

It doesn't look like we will be kicking back into action for a while, but when we do, updated information will be posted here. I apologize, but I hope what we've put into this site so far won't have been in vain.

We are back online!

*dump jizz files here*

We're not dead yet...
17 Comments least I don't think. Not quite sure.

Gap Fix 9/3/2011

Any charts of the following songs have had their gaps tweaked, and should be synced properly now.

Bass Expo [Minor rhythm change]
Blue Horizon
Boogie Woogie in the Bar
Catalyst [BPM fix]
Pajama Party
Seisen Spectacle
Waltz in the Rain

If a problem with any of these charts still exists in terms of sync, or even for charts that are not on this list, please let us know either in this thread or in the KBO Levels Discussion board.

KBO chat

Check it out


Should PLANETZ be removed from the game for beta release?

This thread will be deleted once a decision has been reached.

Difficulty Algorithm Completion

The difficulty algorithm project I've been working on is finally "completed." It's not perfect, but can be tweaked and adjusted over time to make it more and more accurate.

It hasn't been implemented into the game yet, but the plans and formulas for it are written out.

Expect the full algorithm upon beta release!

Fixing note 'hiccups'

Some of you might have noticed some of our levels have note 'hiccups', causing the notes to freeze for a second when the song starts.

We are in the process of correcting this bug, meanwhile if you notice any problems with the charts or songs please let us know. Thanks!

Edit: finished fixing.

Gap Fix 7/6/2011

Any charts of the following songs have had their gaps tweaked, and should be synced properly now.

Audomodellista =garage life=
Criss Cross
Flower Awaken
Grand Opening
Kon Koto
Kurukuru Rafu
Kuusou Rumba
Luna Ascension
Once Upon A Time In Transylvania
Over the Ocean
Piano x Forte x Scandal [Minor rhythm change]
Sequential Emotions
Silky Heart
Cloud Nine and a Half
Cross Time
Ode to Dragon
Palindrome [Complete re-sync]

Red text indicates that the chart is currently unavailable, either because it has been removed from the game or it has not been released yet.

If a problem with any of these charts still exists in terms of sync, or even for charts that are not on this list, please let us know either in this thread or in the KBO Levels Discussion board.

Forum Changes

I've started work on the new forum changes.

Please refer to the link about new forum titles/ranks/classifications.

Let me start right off by subduing some aggression some of you might have. I'm talking about removing the "Chart Artist" group. This to me felt better as a badge. Since chart artists are no different than regular users(talking on a strict vB permissions basis) there was no need to have the extra usergroup all its own on the forum. You guys get access to one new forum, that's all.

I am open to the argument though, if you WANT your personal name color back, I might consider it. I feel the way it is now though, simply looks better, cleaner, and more personalized.

Work is continuing as I write this. I'm gonna clean up some outdated stickies next as well I am gonna re-assign some people to their new/proper forum usergroups.

If you have ideas/suggestions as to what you would like to see changed in vB, let me know in the comments here. I'm a busy bee on KBO right now so this would be a golden opportunity to get my attention for new ideas.

Difficulty Algorithm [Alpha]

We have implemented the first part of the new difficulty algorithm to the game.

What this means: All of the chart difficulties were automatically converted to a number based on the rate of the amount of notes passing the receptors at a given time in the chart.

Problems: This does not factor in patterns that make the chart harder, such as jacks, brackets, 6-chords, or rhythms.

Hopefully with our new staff in this particular area of focus, we can tweak them using a new system in our database. If you believe a chart is out of place, feel free to comment on it from our forums under "KBO Levels Discussion."

More updates to come in the near future, as we near beta release!


I've decided to make more news posts to incite some more activity and discussion.

So on that note, the difficulty algorithm is making significant progress. The second part of the algorithm involves weighted notes based on the patterns around them. I just finished the formula for jacks. It looks something like this:

f(t,n,k) = k * (n^2*t^2-0.4n^2*t+0.0375n^2-nt^2+0.55nt-0.06n-0.1t+0.015)/(n^2*t-0.05n^2-nt+0.1n)

I would write this in a more descriptive form, but that might give away more information than I want to. But for those mathematically inclined, feel free to try and reverse engineer it! I dare you.

New Staff Member

Say hello to our newest staff member!

Arch0wl (Lead Public Relations Coordinator)

Significant Progress in New Difficulty Algorithm

In order to help make our game as balanced as possible, please comment on the results of the first component of our new difficulty algorithm.

Hopefully with community input, we'll be able to decide whether this system still needs tweaking or if it's good enough to be finalized.

Once the first step is complete, we will be able to move on and solve the next components.

Once again, I thank the community for their input. Also, thanks to Marice for helping me chug some of these values.

Education Reform Plan Survey

A bit off-topic, but it's important, so I put it here.

Please fill this out as fully as possible. Take your time with it. Send it to me any way you want. (PM, E-mail, IM, file transfer, etc)

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